This airbrush paint is a water-based acrylic developed to replace solvent-based paint products. State-of-the-art acrylic polymer research and pigment preparation make this coating a cutting-edge paint technology. Using specialized manufacturing techniques, the pigments are ground to an ink-fine consistency. It is non-toxic and free of extender pigments, resulting in a pure paint with superior flow. It produces brighter, cleaner colors and enhanced performance characteristics. It's also infinitely compatible with water so the user can control coverage and opacity. Wildlife Colors is the finest water reducible airbrush paint system available.



  • Superior coating for various applications
  • Superior adhesion to any surface
  • Ready to use
  • Fewer spits and blockages
  • Easy to cleanup
  • Shelf life of 5+ years
  • Freeze thaw stable
  • Flash point of over 200 F
  • Overnight delivery of stock colors/non-red label
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