Smith Paints has worked in conjunction with manufacturers of concrete statuary to create a water-based protective coating specifically for concrete applications. Ornamental Art coatings are an environmentally friendly alternative to hazardous solvent-based paint systems. To achieve desired appearance, Smith Paints offers Ornamental Art in 3 product lines: Paints, Stains and Dye Stains. These products have superior adhesion to concrete, terra cotta, brick, plaster and natural stone.

Paints, Stains & Dye Stains

Ornamental Art is a quick air-dry coating that can be applied via airbrush, detail gun, production gun and traditional brush. Ornamental Art coatings do not require primer and/or sealer coats. The coatings are water submersible, alkali, weather and ultra violet light resistant after a minimal drying time of only 48 hours.

  • Paints are heavy viscosity (thicker) pigmented, high hiding coatings.
  • Stains are pigmented and high hiding coatings with a lower viscosity (thinner) than the Paint line. The Stain is achieved by simply diluting 1 part Ornamental Art Paint with 2 parts distilled water. The Stain line is the ideal coating for heavily detailed ornaments.
  • Traditional Dye Stain Series are designed as a semi-transparent stain, which dye the concrete resulting in a natural variegated color. The Dye Stain does not hide the concrete; rather changes the concrete's color. The natural aged appearance is the result of the various specific gravities of the color pigments as well as the absorbency of the applied surface to draw more or less Dye Stain.
  • Tuscan Dye Stain Series are transparent dye stains that achieve a natural coloration. This series was developed to create the same appearance as acid stains without having the inherent dangers of working with a corrosive material. Applying the Tuscan Series instantly attains the “dark burn” marks to the light transparent color hints that nature achieves over time.

Notice Please use the following types of water when mixing with Ornamental Art Paints and Ornamental Art Dye Stain Concentrates: distilled water, deionized water, reverse osmosis water

Our research has shown that “hard” water (water with excess amounts of magnesium, calcium and various other charged ions) has a negative reaction with Ornamental Art Paint and Dye Stain Concentrates. As a result of this reaction, you will not achieve the optimal adhesion and longevity associated with our product. Furthermore, we have found that water is not consistent over time, even from the same source. Therefore, we recommend the use of distilled, deionized or reverse osmosis water.


  • 180 base colors
  • Water Submersible
  • Fast Air Dry
  • Weather Resistant
  • Alkali Resistant
  • Ultra Violet Light Resistant
  • Gloss or Flat Finish*
  • Low Odor
  • Overnight Deliverable/non-red label
  • Base, Primer or Finish Coat Not Required
  • Metallics & Pearls

*Flat Finish is available at a surcharge.

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