What are Sky-High Paints? Sky-High Paints are high quality water-based acrylic coatings developed for application on fabric, glass, leather, metal and a various other substrates. Sky-High Paints are specifically manufactured to produce very clean brilliant colors for the aerial banner, sign and hot air balloon industries.

How are Sky-High Paints different from other paints used in these industries? Sky-High Paints are very lightweight as well as produce colors that are very intense. Furthermore, Sky-High Paints adhere to the material's fibers thus resulting in superior flexibility without cracking or chipping thus prolonging the product life of signs and aerial banners. Combining all of these characteristics results in signs and banners that are lighter in weight. Thus, Sky-High Paints have increased the size of aerial banners that can be towed without problems for the industries’ planes.

How can I apply Sky-High Paints? Sky-High Paints are manufactured in several viscosities (thickness) allowing the product to be applied via airbrush, production gun, traditional bristle brush and/or roller.

How much time should I allow for Sky-High Paints to dry? Many of our customers paint and ship in the same day! Dry time is a function of humidity, temperature, and airflow in that order. The ideal drying day is 65 to 70% relative humidity and 60°-80°F. In these conditions, Sky-High Paints will dry in 15-45 minutes. However, faster dry time can be achieved by increasing the volume of air that passes over the surface (fans). If the humidity is too high, regardless of temperature the paint will stay tacky. If the temperature is below the minimum film forming temperature of 45°F, the paint will not dry.

Can I mix the different colors of Sky-High Paints to create new colors? Sky-High Paints are intermixable allowing the user to create an extensive pallet of colors. Sky-High Paints are offered in a variety of PMS colors as well as Federal Standard 595 colors.

Can I freeze Sky-High Paints? Sky-High Paints are freeze thaw stable, which means you can freeze the product, thaw it out, shake it up and apply with no problem.

Are Sky-High Paints weather resistant? Sky-High Paints are extremely weather resistant. As the coatings dry on the applied surface, they become very durable.

How do I clean up when I am done using Sky-High Paints? Clean up with soap and water while Sky-High paint is still wet. Sky-High Cleaner is available if equipment and materials dry overnight.

Does Sky-High Paint require a red label or hazardous material indicators? Sky-High Paints are manufactured as non-hazardous coatings that do not require red labels or hazardous material indicators. Sky-High Paints can be shipped overnight for expedited orders.

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